2019 Disciples Response Fund Annual Appeal

The Catholic Church of western Kentucky is a strong community of faith.  We become even more powerful as a community when we ask God how we should use our gifts and abilities to serve this faith. A prayerful process of evaluation and discernment is necessary to challenge our attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles. These are needed on a very personal level, but we also need the same process in the Church as an organized body of believers.

It was the earliest faith communities who made the greatest sacrifices for us. They risked everything (as many people still do today), to worship, pray and pass down the stories of Jesus Christ. Their passion for the truth, and their love for each other, should inspire every generation to find ways to keep this faith alive in our daily actions and decisions.  This is a challenge for each one of us to learn all we can about the teachings of Christ, and to make them relevant with the choices we make.

I am inspired by the Catholic people throughout the diocese who work and volunteer for our Church. They continuously challenge themselves to answer the call to service and generosity. Some of them may stand before a group of students; others sit with families or celebrate the sacraments; yet others answer phones and respond to basic needs in our community.  Each one of these people is living and acting as a disciple. Each one of these people is helping to foster a 21st-century Catholic Church of evangelization, discipleship and stewardship. I am grateful for every single one these dedicated individuals.

The Disciples Response Fund helps to provide the monetary resources we need to grow our faith. We are currently prayerfully discerning the best ways to invest our dollars in efforts that inspire and challenge every single role in the faith community. We not only educate, but we provide important services to shelters and outreach.  Every single parish in this diocese benefits from generosity to the Disciples Response Fund. And the needs of our Church grow each year. So please do your best to make a generous and prayerful response.

May God bless you all.

SIGNATURE william f medley BW


Most Reverend William F. Medley
Bishop for the Diocese of Owensboro