Coloring Contest 2023


Diocese of Owensboro Celebrates National Eucharistic Revival

This is an annual coloring contest in celebration of our students and their connection with Christ. Open to all kindergarten through 12th grade students in the diocese’s Catholic schools during the current school year. The year 2022 began a National Eucharist Revival. Students were encouraged to reflect deeply on the Eucharist, to read scriptures, think and pray. They could study the Saints, such as Thomas Aquinas. They were asked to be creative and communicate through their work to enlighten others in this amazing Sacrament. Criteria for judging include depth of thought and not just a well-drawn picture.

Thank you for the participation of our students! 

Feature in the Western KY Catholic 

Congratulations to Joseph Muan, a student at St. Joseph Interparochial School in Bowling Green, for
receiving the 2023 Bishops Award.