Day Two: Going Deeper

Sample Outline

Day two will be a more narrow focus on specific concepts of the Theology of the Body and how to teach them in the classroom setting. A certain amount of time will be devoted to certain “Hot Button” issues of the day. The audience for this day would still be open to all but would cater more to those who teach Theology/Religion and maybe even those who teach the ancillary sciences such as Psychology, Sociology and Anatomy/Physiology.

The goal of this immersion is to give the “teacher/catechist” a broad overview of the subject matter and to leave with a better understanding of the catechesis (day one) and some tools and ideas on how to implement this into a classroom setting (day two).

The ultimate goal is for the “Teacher/Catechist” not to view the Theology of the Body as a “sexuality” curriculum but to see the Theology of the Body as a thread that runs through every aspect of our everyday life.

Outline of the Day

9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Teaching these concepts in the Classroom

  • Naked without Shame
    • The Spousal Meaning of the Body
  • Hope and Redemption
  • Vocation – Celibate Life
    • Priesthood – why is it all male?
    • Religious and Consecrated Life – what is their role in the Church?
  • Vocation – Married Life
    • The Pill vs. NFP

Contraceptives – the real danger

IVF and other fertility technologies

  • Same Sex Attraction and “Same Sex Marriage”
  • Pornography
  • Divorce
  • Cohabitation

Other “Hot button” issues

  • Transgender?
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Euthanasia

Dating and Courtship – how to discern dating

  • Define Friendship
  • Marriage Preparation/Vocation Preparation; Remote and Proximate