Family Camp

“As the Family goes, so goes the nation and the world.”

– St. John Paul II


The great St. John Paul was so right when he made this statement about the family. No one was a bigger champion of the family than Pope John Paul. Some would even call him the Apostle of the Family. Our families are under a great attack from all sides today with the messages from the culture via movies, TV, social media and the like. How do we combat this? Sometimes we must retreat in order to learn how to fight. What we mean by that in this case is, one must go away and “unplug” from society.

April 28-30, 2017

Join us this spring at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp & Retreat Center for Family Camp. This will be a time to unwind and get away with your family.  Join other families for a weekend of daily mass, quiet time for prayer and reflection surrounded by God’s creation, and fun activities. You will have the opportunity to listen to talks and reflections on how to raise a Catholic family in this world where it is often times hostile to our faith.

An online form will be available in the very near future for registration.  All lodging and meals will be provided in your registration fee. Space will be limited to 8-10 families.