Online Marriage Prep Class


If neither of the other options (PreCana, Engaged Encounter, or Mentor Couple Program) will work in your situation because of distance, military leave, or some other special circumstance, then we do offer an online option for those rare cases. If your pastor approves, an online model is your only workable option, then we recommend is the only one-on-one, interactive, mentor-led, on-demand, online pre-cana program. Anchored in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a great resource to enhance your marriage preperation or improve your marriage. provides:

  • Interaction. A trained and certified married instructor couple personally mentors each engaged couple.
  • Flexibility. This program is particularly effective for today’s busy engaged couples, military couples, couples with irregular schedules, or those separated by distance. Couples work at their own pace, from the comfort of their homes.
  • Communication. Online worksheets foster deep conversations, followed up with personalized feedback from the instructors.
  • Unique and personalized instruction. Thanks to the one-on-one format, the specific challenges of each couple can be addressed in an intimate and personal way, fulfilling their individual needs (convalidation, inter-religious, re-marriage, blended families and more).
  • Depth. Couples dig deeply into their relationships with God and each other. This contemplation enables them to assent to the Church’s teachings, and to begin their new vocation in holiness.
  • Spiritual foundations. The couple will be equipped with the theological and sacramental aspects of marriage and sexuality.
  • Life-skills. The course expands on the practical life-skills couples will need throughout their marriage.

The course is available in English, Spanish and French.

Only $194 per couple. Scholarships and military discount available.