What is it?

Cursillo is a Movement in the Catholic Church. It was exhorted by Pope Paul VI, Saint Pope John Paul II, and approved for our Diocese by Most Reverend Bishop William Medley. It came to Owensboro in 1969 at St. Stephan Cathedral. “It is a means for living what is fundamental for being Christian (3-fold love of God, of oneself, and love of one’s neighbor) which is experienced through three essential encounters (with self, Christ, and others) its immediate purpose is to be “Salt of the earth.” The second purpose is that the person be ferment in order to strengthen Christianity in society, and live what is fundamental for being Christian in their environments.” (Leaders Manual, Prologue–page v)

Cursillo is a three-day weekend beginning on Thursday evening and ending on Sunday evening and is a personal experience. We evangelize by bringing the Good News into all of humanity through 10 Rollos (talks) by laity and 5 Rollos by a Priest and/or Deacon. Cursillo is to encourage and strengthen each of us to continue in this Movement for the rest of our lives with Ultreyas and Schools of Leaders. “Those who have made a Cursillo (Cursillistas) are determined to give back to the Movement its initial freshness; wherein it is most important to seek out the person by means of the most precious gift that the human being has received through God’s love: Friendship.” (Leaders Manual, Prologue–page vi) We do this by making a friend, being a friend, and bringing that friend to Christ.

You can find the Owensboro Cursillo group by visiting their website or joining their Facebook group.

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