St. Gerard Life Home

Pregnant WomanSt. Gerard Life Home offers free housing and hospitality for pregnant, unwed women age 18 and older. A woman may come to us at any point in her pregnancy and may stay for up to three months after the birth of her child.

The mission of St. Gerard Life Home is to provide assistance to the pregnant, unwed woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy who has chosen life for her child.

St. Gerard’s will assist each woman in preparing for her role as a parent while providing a supportive and healthy environment for her during her pregnancy.

St. Gerard Life Home is located in the city of Owensboro, Kentucky. We can house several women at a time in a comfortable home environment. House mothers are on staff to provide 24-hour support.

St. Gerard’s convenient location gives easy access to doctors, schools and employment.

Pregnancy presents many challenges. At St. Gerard Life Home you will find relief from many of life’s pressures while you work through the difficulties presented by a crisis pregnancy. St. Gerard Life Home provides assistance and emotional support in a loving family style home.

St. Gerard’s provides:

  • a nurturing and stable home environment
  • training in basic life skills needed for independent living
  • emotional support
  • healthcare referrals
  • parenting education
  • adoption information
  • peer counseling
  • assistance in budgeting and financial planning
  • information on community resources including employment and educational opportunities
  • assistance in obtaining infant supplies
  • strict confidentiality assured

The need for a loving, nurturing, environment is crucial to someone dealing with a crisis pregnancy. 

St. Gerard Life Home is here to help!

Call us at 270-244-0522 or email the St. Gerard Life Home.