Prison Ministry

Fr. Ray Clark


Provide a program of ministry for all correctional facilities and institutions located in the Diocese of Owensboro.


  1. Conduct a survey every other year of programs offered to jails and prisons in the Diocese of Owensboro.
  2. Develop a volunteer recruitment program to include informational and educational programs and a volunteer recruitment video.
  3. Provide periodic training for those involved in Jail and Prison ministry to better equip them to minister to the spiritual needs of those that are incarcerated.
  4. Develop resources for those incarcerated in jails and prisons to help them sustain their spiritual lives such as retreat programs like Residents Encounter Christ  (REC.)
  5. Develop a program for Parish communities to welcome and mentor those released from correctional facilities.  (Cf Responsibility, Rehabilitation, Restoration statement prepared by the U.S. Bishops.)

Minutes from our most recent meeting are available.

Prison Ministry Handbook

The Prison Ministry has provided a handbook to be used as a resource and support for those ministering to inmates.