The purpose of evangelization is to lead people to an encounter with Jesus! This personal encounter is the key event in the life of every disciple that changes the direction of life, as we see happen so often in the lives of the disciples recounted in the Scriptures” and in the lives of disciples today. (Living as Missionary Disciples, pgs. 9-10)

For over 50 years, the Catholic Church has been stressing the necessity of evangelization, which is to help people for the first time, again or more deeply to have an encounters with Jesus. These encounters happen in a wide variety of ways ranging from one’s personal prayer, praying with others, the Sacraments, works of mercy, retreats, small group studies and any way the Holy Spirit sees fit. All of these are important, but you might wonder, “Where can I begin or how can I help others to know the gift of an encounter with Jesus?


One resource our diocese is using to help people experience God is Alpha!

Some parishes will host Pilot Alpha groups this fall and we hope to kick off Alpha in parish across the diocese in January 2021. Check it out and see why Alpha is a perfect option to help Catholics and everyone to experience an encounter with Jesus!