Marriage Preparation

In the Diocese of Owensboro, we don’t want to just prepare you for your wedding day. We want to prepare you for a life-long marriage that continues to grow, mature, and get better as the years go by. We believe marriage should be fun and enjoyable as much as it is challenging.

We don’t just want to give you packets of information and hoops to jump through for marriage preparation. We want to lay out a clear vision of God’s plan for your marriage  and teach you skills to keep a good marriage healthy. Our goal in the Office of Marriage & Family Life is not only to help you have a great start to your marriage, but even more importantly to offer resources and support for the rest of your married lives together. 

What we’re offering in our marriage ministry is a balance of vision, skills, and support that starts in marriage prep and continues into enrichment through things like Grace Marriage, retreats for married couples, and other support ministries for when issues arise. This begins with marriage preparation, which is why you’re here. Watch this video that explains your three options for marriage preparation in the Diocese of Owensboro, then find more info below.   


Starting in 2024, PreCana will be a hybrid program, meaning it is half online and half in person. For the online portion, couples will use the Unveiled Online PreCana online course. The in-person portion will be a half-day, in-person retreat on a Saturday which is scheduled four times a year.

Button to Precana Unveiled Online Course registration. Button to Precana Unveiled in person retreat day registration



Click the gray button above to register for Unveiled Online: Diocese of Owensboro.  You can begin at any time.  The cost of the online course is $170.

Click the blue button above to see dates and register for the in-person retreat day. There is no additional cost.




ReMarriage is a marriage preparation program for couples preparing for marriage after one or both persons have experienced a declaration of invalidity or death of a former spouse. ReMarriage couples will be using the same Unveiled Online Course as the PreCana couples use, except we add a few topics that are related to second marriages. The cost of the online course is $170. 

Call or Email Danny to get started on the process.
270-683-1545 or  

Registration Instructions for Unveiled Online Course

To register for Unveiled: PreCana Diocese of Owensboro, follow the register now button seen above.
Click “add to cart” on the Unveiled: Precana Diocese of Owensboro course.
Click on the shopping cart icon and then click “checkout”.
Fill in your information to place your order for the course.
Once your registration has been completed, you’ll get a confirmation email from admin@mycatholictech.

You’ll then be able to click “dashboard” and your course should be ready to use.
Look for the Unveiled: PreCana Diocese of Owensboro icon in your dashboard to begin your course. 

Engaged Encounter

Sponsor Couple Program

The Sponsor Couple Program is a great option for couples who prefer meeting face-to-face with a couple in their parish in a relaxed, informal setting. Each session covers topics related to marriage in the context of the Catholic Faith.

Sponsor couples are selected by the parish and trained by the Office of Marriage & Family Life to serve as a model of Christian marriage to the engaged couple of love in action. Choosing this option has the added benefit of connecting the newly married couple with another couple in the parish who can help them feel welcomed by the parish community.

Contact your parish priest to see if your parish offers sponsor couples.

Click here to read the full Diocesan Marriage Policy.