Marriage Preparation

In response to concerns about the coronavirus, the Office of Marriage and Family Life will be conducting marriage preparation PreCana and ReMarriage (details below) virtually using an online course.  However, Engaged Encounter will be held in-person in 2022.  

Please watch the video below for more details.  


If you would have normally attended PreCana, please click one of the below dates for your Unveiled Online Orientation.


ReMarriage is a marriage preparation program for couples preparing for marriage after one or both persons have experienced a declaration of invalidity or death of a former spouse. Please click one of the below dates for your Unveiled Online Orientation.

Engaged Encounter

Sponsor Couple Program

The Sponsor Couple Program is a great option for couples who prefer meeting face-to-face with a couple in their parish in a relaxed, informal setting. Each session covers topics related to marriage in the context of the Catholic Faith.

Sponsor couples are selected by the parish and trained by the Office of Marriage & Family Life to serve as a model of Christian marriage to the engaged couple of love in action. Choosing this option has the added benefit of connecting the newly married couple with another couple in the parish who can help them feel welcomed by the parish community.

Contact your parish priest to see if your parish offers sponsor couples.

Click here to read the full Diocesan Marriage Policy.