Sophia Awards

Do you know someone in the Diocese who is sixty-five or older and who embraces and lives a life of stewardship – giving of their time, talent and treasure? The Diocese  of Owensboro created the Sophia Award, which is an award to celebrate someone from each parish who exemplifies stewardship in their life.

On Sunday, September 10, Bishop William Medley will celebrate Mass at 2 PM at St. Stephen Cathedral with all of our award recipients. 


Who is eligible?

Anyone sixty-five or older who has not previously received a Sophia Award is eligible for nomination (lay person – individual or married couple, member of a religious community or an ordained deacon or priest). A person can be nominated on past outstanding contributions (living or deceased) and can be home bound. You must be eighteen years of age or older to nominate someone. Please use the nomination form below, or print this paper nomination and mail it to the Diocese (address listed on the nomination ballot).

The deadline to nominate someone is July 15.