In addition to the efforts put forth by the parish or school, parents or guardians may also wish to discuss safety and prevention topics with the children in their care. These tools never replace the parish’s or school’s responsibility to teach, but they are additional resources regarding this difficult topic. Further, the following online resources have been identified to help in this effort.

USCCB Web Sites Dedicated to Child Safety: — This site is designed to address “technology safety through the eyes of faith” and is a collaborative effort by the Roman Catholic Church in America, sanctioned by the USCCB, and the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church. — Dwayne F. Depp, assistant director of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, discusses child-abuse statistics in the state and what can be done to prevent abuse and neglect of children. A 2011 KET production. — In addition to the child sexual abuse prevention programs offered by TAALK, the “resources” tab on their website lists national resources that are also available to provide support services to victims and their families.  — This excellent website offers many articles on the prevention of sexual abuse of children, tactics used by perpetrators and how to keep your children safe.  — This website offers free downloads of educational material as well as information on purchasing materials for the prevention of sexual abuse and internet safety.  — This website offers information for parents and guardians on how to keep their children safe while when using the internet. — The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works with families, law enforcement and families regarding missing and sexually exploited children. Their resources provide useful information for families.  — Keeping kids safe from abuse:  tips for kids and parents/guardians.  — Searchable list to help parents become aware of some of the common shorthand–used to increase the speed of communication or to exclude others from knowing about content–used in online chat rooms, Instant Messaging systems, and cell phones equipped to send text messages.