Diocesan Policies

In an effort to make available all of the current policies of the Diocese of Owensboro, these policies have been streamlined in brand appearance, converted to an Adobe PDF document and linked on our website.

Those used to using the binders will find an interactive index here that maps where you previously looked for a policy with where you can find it now, plus an actual link to the policy. When updates are made, it will be noted on this index map and an email will go out making parishes aware of the change.

Please feel free to click through the categories below or to the left to find a particular policy. Each one can be downloaded and saved to your computer, or printed. You can also find the entire list of policies in one 272 page document to download and print here.

The goal is to make available all of the various diocesan forms in a fillable format which would allow you to download, fill out, save, and/or print them.

Please contact Rachel Hall in Communications if you experience any issues with links. Policy-related questions should be directed to the Chancellor, Tom Lilly.

If you do not have the capability to view PDF documents, please visit https://get.adobe.com/reader/. This is a free software to download.