Justice for Immigrants

Justice for ImmigrantsThe Diocesan JFI Campaign exists to provide grassroots support in the Diocese of Owensboro for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Justice for Immigrants Campaign.

The Campaign’s primary objectives are:

  • To educate the public about Church teaching on migration and immigrants;
  • To create political will for positive immigration reform;
  • To enact legislative and administrative reforms based on the principles articulated by the bishops; and
  • To organize Catholic networks to assist qualified immigrants obtain the benefits of the reforms.

In a landmark pastoral letter issued by the Catholic bishops of Mexico and the United States, Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope, the bishops acknowledge that the current immigration system is badly in need of reform and that a comprehensive approach to fixing it is required. In order for this comprehensive reform to be humane and just it should include the following elements:

  • a temporary work program with worker protections and a path to permanent residency;
  • family reunification policies;
  • a broad and fair legalization program;
  • access to legal protections, including due process and essential public programs;
  • refuge for those fleeing persecution and exploitation;
  • and policies to address the root causes of migration.

For more information about the National JFI Campaign please visit their website. For more information about Immigration in Kentucky please visit the Catholic Conference of KY’s website.