The Finance Office is responsible for handling diocesan investments, individual annuities, the various insurance policies and retirement plans for the lay employees and clergy, and diocesan and special collections.

The Finance Office is also accountable for deposit and loan fund disbursement and collections, financial reports and budgets, tax legislation that might affect church accounting, legal matters, day-to-day operations of accounts payable and receivable, and for assisting computer and technology implementation.

Ray Purk
Chief Financial Officer
270-683-1545 Ext. 344

Jessica Johnson
270-683-1545 Ext. 376

Jena Hayden
270-683-1545 Ext. 326

Emily Storm
270-683-1545 Ext. 385

Kim Haire
270-683-1545 Ext. 323

Mary Margaret Drury
270-683-1545 Ext. 363

Aimee Greer
270-683-1545 Ext. 375

Michelle Roberts
Manager of Internal Audit & Accounting Systems
270-683-1545 Ext. 382

Mary Colburn
Parish Financial Analyst
270-683-1545 Ext. 383

Elaine Thomas
Administrative Assistant
270-683-1545 Ext. 325

Bill Blincoe
Director of Project and Risk Management
270-683-1545 Ext. 378

Chris Johnson
Coordinator of Technology
270-683-1545, Ext. 356