The Diocese of Owensboro Tribunal renders decisions in matters of Church law dealing primarily with issues related to the validity of marriages.

Very Rev. Patrick Cooney, OSB, JCL – Judicial Vicar

Louanne Payne – Director; Auditor/Case Promoter

Emily Danchisin – Judicial Assistant

Mary Ann Kurz – Notary

Rev. J. Michael Clark, JCL – Judge

Rev. Joseph M. Mills, J.C.L.  – Judge

Sandy Morris – Notary

Jenny Shelton – Notary

Very Rev. J. Patrick Reynolds, J.C.L. – Promoter of Justice; Defender of the Bond

Rev. Will Thompson – Part-time Defender of the Bond

Rev. John R. Vaughan, J.C.D. – Judge

Mike Flaherty, MA – Peritus

Donald Preuss, LMFT, PLC – Peritus

Annulment Advocates: Representing the Mercy of the Church from Diocese of Owensboro KY on Vimeo.