Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry strives to help youth ministers and families guide their children in the middle and high school years.

This office’s participation in annual events includes Teens Encounter Christ, Christian Leadership Institute and National Catholic Youth Conference.

Mission Statement

The Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry is committed to drawing young people into the life and mission of our Catholic faith and civic communities.  We accomplish this by providing adults the necessary resources, quality programs and services needed to educate and encourage youth in our faith; and by providing opportunities at the diocesan level for youth to be challenged to know, commit to, and pass on their faith.

Looking for Ways to Serve?

NET Ministries is a team of young adults who give a year of their life to travel around the country to witness to their faith; several from our diocese have served on a NET team.

Young Disciples are an apostolate of Catholic young adults that travel from town to town to evangelize and catechize in rural communities and reservations for 10 weeks in the summer.

March for Life is a trip to Washington, DC to join the national March for Life.

Rally for Life holds an annual Right for Life rally at the state Capitol in Frankfort.

FOCUS, (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), is a national outreach that meets college students where they are and invites them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.