Diocesan Forms

Administration and Finance

Accident Report

Building Projects

Catholic Mutual’s Guidelines for Parish Festivals 

Collection Count Sheet

Check Request Form

Credit Card Log

Daily Receipts Log

Expense Voucher for Travel

Facility Usage Agreement

Fund Raising Tracking Sheet

Request for Exemption from Assessment

Request for Expenditure Over $5,000

Special Events Form

Tamper Proof Bag Log

Workers’ Compensation Form

Worker’s Compensation Payroll Audit Form


Annual Clergy Personal Report Form

Sabbatical Application

Family Life


Once More With Love

Catholic Engaged Encounter


September Mass Count Form | Fillable PDF

Faith Formation

Parish Religious Education Information

Parish Catechist Information

Credo Certification Form 3

Parish Totals – Safe Environment Children’s Training 

Preservation of Parish Documents/Archives

Disposal Certificate

Baptismal Register

Confirmation Register

Marriage Register

Death Register

Safe Environment

Form A: Permission Form/Liability Release and Emergency Medical Release and Health Information for Minors

Form B: Emergency Medical Release and Health Information for Adults

Form C: Activity Information Form and Liability Release

Form C-Schools: Permission Form for Field Trips of One School Day or Less

Forms D-1, D-2, D-3: Children/Youth Codes of Conduct

Search and Seizure Policy

Forms D-4, D-5: Adult Codes of Conduct

Form E: Volunteer Drivers

Form E-1: Liability Coverage for Leased or Hired Vehicles

Form F: Incident Report

Form H: Abuse Report

Form I: Confidential Notice of Concern

Forms J & K: Background Check Forms

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Diocese of Owensboro Revised Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures (formerly Form G)


Disciples Response Fund Grant Application


Dispensation Permission Request

Inter-Faith Marriage

Lack of Form Marriage

Notification to the Church of Baptism

Prenuptial Questionnaire

Radical Sanation

Witness Affidavit

Worship and Spiritual Life

RCIA Information Sheet for Inquirers

RCIA Who’s Who in the Initiation Process