Social Media

The Diocese of Owensboro has three official social media outlets that are managed by the Office of Communications: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Social media allows for immediate release of information, “as-it-is-happening” coverage of events with photographs, and an interactive way for interested parties to communicate with the Diocese and share our good news.

You are encouraged to like and follow our pages to stay engaged, informed, and connected.

Social Media Comment Policy

The posts made by the Diocese of Owensboro on our diocesan accounts will always uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. Comments from others on our posts are welcome, and may even disagree with the diocese or the Church, but to maintain an atmosphere of Christian charity, comments may be deleted if they contain any of the following:

  • Insults
  • Vulgar language or images
  • Personal attacks/inflammatory remarks against a person or group
  • Remarks that are not directly relevant to the post being commented on
  • Spam or repeat posts
  • Links to sites that contain offensive material, attack a person, or are off-topic
  • Promotion of services, products, political organizations/agendas
  • Information that is factually incorrect

Comments left by others on our diocesan accounts do not necessarily reflect the views of the Diocese of Owensboro or the Roman Catholic Church.