Safe Environment Documents

Please find the following helpful Safe Environment documents and forms. These are all PDF documents and your computer will either ask you to save them to your computer or will automatically download and place in computer’s your “downloads” folder. 

Form A: Emergency Medical Release and Health Information for Youth

Form B: Emergency Medical Release and Health Information for Adults

Form C: Activity Information Form and Liability Release

Form C-Schools: Annual Permission Form for School Activities of One School Day or Less

Forms D-1, D-2, D-3: Code of Conduct for Parish, School & Diocesan-Sponsored Activities with Youth

Form D-4: Adult Code of Conduct

Form E: Volunteer Drivers Form

Form E-1: Liability Coverage for Leased or Hired Vehicles

Form F: Incident Report

Form H: Guide for Reporting Abuse

Form G: Regional Reporting Contacts

United States Bishops’ “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People . . . & Essential Norms”