Safe Environment Documents

The following safe environment documents and forms are for Policies and Related Forms
Diocesan Policy for Activities Involving Minors & Vulnerable Adults

Form A: Permission Form/Liability Release and Emergency Medical Release and Health Information for Minors

Form B: Emergency Medical Release and Health Information for Adults

Form C: Activity Information Form and Liability Release

Form C-Schools: Permission Form for Field Trips of One School Day or Less

Forms D-1, D-2, D-3: Children/Youth Codes of Conduct

Search and Seizure Policy

Forms D-4, D-5: Adult Codes of Conduct (D-4: Supervisory Adults; D-5: Non-Supervisory Adults and Adult Participants)

Form E: Volunteer Drivers

Form E-1: Liability Coverage for Leased or Hired Vehicles

Form F: Incident Report

Form G: Form G has been updated and the “Acknowledgement of Receipt” listed below must now be used.

Form H: Abuse Report

Form I: Confidential Notice of Concern

Forms J & K: Background Check Forms
Submit all forms and a $10 check, payable to KY State Treasurer, (If cost is a problem, diocese will pay) to: Safe Environment Office, 600 Locust St., Owensboro, 42301.

Form L: Additional Background Check Form for Individual Based at Ft. Campbell

Diocesan Sexual Abuse Policy

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Diocese of Owensboro Revised Sexual Abuse Policy and Procedures

United States Bishops’ “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People . . . & Essential Norms”