Administration and Finance Policies

Policies on Financial Management and Administration

The following is a list of policies and related procedures governing financial management and administration of parishes and other diocesan entities. These policies are intended to provide uniform guidance to all entities in an effort to  1) ensure prudent, ethical and honest management of financial resources and 2) promote consistent practices and procedures in the areas of administration and finance. There is significant responsibility associated with being the stewards of the resources of the church. It is important for all involved in the administration or finance areas within the Diocese to understand and follow the policies contained in this manual. 

Each policy is listed below individually. 

Accounting Systems

Alcoholic Beverages

Automobile/Vehicle Ownership

Bank Accounts/Reconciliations

Benefits for Employees


Budget Planning

Building Projects (Revised 4/30/21)


Charitable Exemption

Charitable Gaming

Clergy Compensation and Tax Reporting

Collections Procedures- Sunday and Holy Days

Contract Review



Diocesan Inter-Parish Deposit and Loan Fund (updated 6/1/23)

Electronic Receipts and Electronic Disbursements

Employee versus Non-Employee


Extraordinary Expenditures

Finance Council

Insurance Coverage

Internal Control



Mass Stipends

Parish Assessments

Parish Financial Operations Review

Parish Picnic/Festivals

Parish Properties

Parish Rectory

Payroll Issues

Personnel Files/Personnel Policies

Poor Box/ Votive Offerings


Public Display of Images/Names of Removed Priests (Effective 9/1/2020)

Real Estate Transactions

Reimbursable Transportation

Request for Exemption from Assessment

Request for Expenditure over $10,000 (Updated 4/21)

Sales Tax


Special Collections

Standardized Payroll System

Workers Compensation