Ongoing Formation For Priests

The Office for the Ongoing Formation for Priests convenes the presbyterate with the Bishop several times each year and assists priests, as a group and individually, in theological or personal growth and continuing education (e.g. such as planning a sabbatical). 


Retreat Opportunities

John Paul II Healing Center

Steubenville Conferences


Education/Conference Opportunities

Integrity Restored – Priests are given a crash course in theological anthropology, the science of addiction, relationships, and the different levels of intervention to help others to break free and heal from the devastating effects of pornography on marriages and families.

John Paul II Institute at Catholic University

Language Studies at the Mexican American Catholic College

Mexican American Catholic College

Annual Conference for Priests – Thomistic Institute

Association of U.S. Catholic Priests Annual Assembly

St. Paul Center Conferences


Mount Saint Joseph Conference & Retreat Center

Saint Meinrad: Institute for Priests and Presbyterate

Sabbatical Information

List of Sabbatical Programs

Sabbatical Application


Diocesan Policies on Continuing Ed for Priests

Cultivating Unity for the Sake of Our Ministry With and For the People of God and the World


Rev. Joshua McCarty

Administrative Assistant:
Sara Lewis