Easter Lights

Calling all Catholics in the Diocese of Owensboro:
Though it is not possible for Catholics of our diocese to gather in our parish churches for the celebration of the Easter Vigil, we can still be united in our prayer.  A most striking and moving element of that liturgy occurs at its beginning.  There a great fire is blessed, the Paschal candle is lit, and its light is shared with all who received the Light of Christ at baptism.  Later in the liturgy, the newly baptized receive a lighted candle and are asked to “keep its flame burning brightly.”

In these dark days, we invite all Catholics of Western Kentucky to engage in a project meant to communicate faith and hope to our neighbors and be a sign of encouragement and support to all who are suffering.

Beginning at 8:00 PM on April 11, Holy Saturday, and through May 31, Pentecost Sunday, use the symbol of light as an outward sign in some way on your property as a witness to all of the prayers burning in our hearts and as a reminder that the light has come into our world and has conquered even death.

Bring out the Christmas lights you have stored away.  Wrap a strand around a door or window, visible to all who pass.  Place a flower wreath on a door and weave through it a strand of light.  Two stands of lights can be used to form a cross on a garage door.  Strings of light can be woven through bushes, or even a small tree.  The candles you put in your windows at Christmas can be placed there once again.  Be creative!

Each night, as you “turn on the lights”, you might also light a candle and say a prayer to the one “who sheds his peaceful light on all humanity”  (the Exsultet from the Easter Vigil) for an end to the pandemic.

Let’s unite with one another in prayer this Easter season and remind one another and our neighbors that we are never beyond the reach of God.  Let’s light up the world! Share your pictures on social media and use the hashtag: #EasterLightsKY