Tell a Better Story

What is Tell a Better Story?

The Encounter Love Retreat led many to ask the question, “How do I share my faith with others?” We need an engaging story that we know well and that reveals how much God loves us. Host this four hour workshop in your parish to foster Adult Faith Formation and equip folks to tell their story! In this workshop we will explore the Bible as Story and learn what it means to evangelize and how to do it.

Comments about Tell a Better Story:

“I enjoyed the opportunity to think about my story and how stories are key to Evangelization.” – St. Leo, Murray Parishioner

“The prayer experience, the teaching on how to know and tell our own story, and hearing the stories of others was wonderful.” – St. Leo, Murray Parishioner

How can I host this in my Parish?

If you would like to have this event hosted in your parish, fill out the inquiry form below and the Office of Evangelization will contact you to schedule details.

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