Book Reviews


Angels and DemonsAngels (and Demons) What do we really know about them?
By Peter Kreeft

Reviewed by Elaine Robertson, Director of Faith Formation, Diocese of Owensboro

This year’s Vacation Bible School at our parish is going to center around angels, so I thought I should book up on them. In his book, Angels (and Demons) Peter Kreeft combines humor and wisdom to help readers come to know what the Church teaches on the subject of these spirits. It is written in question-answer form, with questions posed from former students. He offers a very clear understanding of angels and demons that anyone can understand.

(An easy read – 127 pages + 3 addendums)

Crucified Rabbi

The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity (Origins of Catholic Christianity Trilogy)

Reviewed by Diane Willis, Director of Faith Formation, Immaculate Parish

“I stumbled upon an Episcopalian priest turned Catholic whose name is Taylor Marshall. I listen to his podcasts ( religiously.   But just recently I read one of his books: The Crucified Rabbi – Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity.  Wow! The parallels between the who, what and how Jews celebrated events during their early history and the Catholic church is amazing. It describes the similarities in Jewish worship to our sacraments, priests, vestments, the church, and parishes. It is well written and easy read for anyone. (Two thumbs up!)”