Stories of Faith

Be inspired by the faith of the early Church and the faith of others from around our diocese!
Be lifted up and find new hope for life during the pandemic and beyond!
Be challenged to encounter Jesus and share your story with others!

Celebrate the Easter Season with leaders from around our diocese on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 PM for the seven weeks of Easter, April 7-May 19. Zoom in for one night or attend all seven. Each evening we will pray together, read an excerpt from the Acts of the Apostles, share what we heard, listen to the faith story of a leader from around our diocese and learn about the importance of sharing our faith stories with others.

Special guests, in this respective order, will be: Dcn. Corey D. Bruns, Lauren Johnson, Sr. Suzanne Sims, Fr. Larry McBride, John Knight, Zach Ault, and Lori Lewis. The host of the seven sessions will be Dr. Jeff Andrini, the Director of Evangelization and Discipleship for the Diocese of Owensboro.

Please register for these Zoom meetings by using the form below: