Today is the National Catholic Call-In Day to Congress!

Please call 855-589-5698 (toll-free number) to reach the Capitol switchboard, and press 1 to connect to Senator Mitch McConnell or Rand Paul’s office. Once you are connected to each Senator’s office, please ask the person on the phone to deliver this simple message:

“I urge you to support a bipartisan, common-sense, and humane solution for Dreamers:

  • Protect Dreamers from deportation and provide them with a path to citizenship.
  • Reject proposals that undermine family immigration or protections for unaccompanied children.
  • As a Catholic, I know that families are not “chains,” but a blessing to be protected.
  • Act now to protect Dreamers, our immigrant brothers and sisters.”

Please call 855-589-5698 a second time to reach the Capitol switchboard again, and press 2 to connect to Representative James Comer for the 1st District or Brett Guthrie for the 2nd District. Once you are connected to the Representative’s office, please ask the person on the phone to deliver the same message as above.

After completing your call, please go to http://www.justiceforimmigrants.org to learn more about Dreamers and find other ways to voice your support.

Download a PDF Flyer with above information here.

The Diocese of Owensboro joins the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in participating in a National Catholic Call-In Day to Protect Dreamers on February 26, 2018. We are asking our parishioners to call Congress and express our support for Dreamers.

Dreamers are those who were brought to the United States by their parents when they were minors. There are more than 1.8 million of them living in the United States today. They attend your schools and churches.  It is both our moral duty and in our nation’s best interest to protect Dreamers and allow them to reach their God-given potential. Some enjoy limited legal protection now, but those protections will begin to expire on March 5.

Congress returns to session on Monday, February 26 – which is why the USCCB picked this day to urge everyone to call their Senators and Representatives requesting they act in favor of Dreamers. The USCCB would like to see our legislation provide protection but also provide a path to citizenship for them.

Interview with Two DACA Recipients

Interview with Two DACA Recipients | Diocese of Owensboro from Diocese of Owensboro KY on Vimeo.