Grace Marriage

A common theme for many of us during our social distanced 2020 was to spend more time at  home. While we were there, we noticed things we had previously overlooked. For example, home improvements were huge!

If you are married, a question you can ask yourself is, “How am I caring for my relationship?”  Dating, the wedding and honeymoon were great, but what has happened after that? Nurturing your marriage takes time, investment, and intentionality.

Grace Marriage is a discipleship pathway that equips couples to continue GROWING TOGETHER. In the Diocese of Owensboro, we focus a lot on marriage preparation, and we have tools for marriages in crisis, but it’s equally important to support healthy marriages and make them even better.  

Grace Marriage is an intentional, on-going, parish-based, small group approach to marriage ministry where couples spend six hours every 90 days in conversation focusing on their marriage. Each series includes four sessions, once a quarter, with groups of around 12 couples. After piloting the process in 2019, the Diocese expanded to three groups (at three different parish locations) in 2020 and is now expanding to five locations in 2021.  **You do NOT have to be a registered member of the parish hosting the groups. Groups are open to any Catholic couple wishing to attend.

Registration is now closed for all locations. However, you are more than welcome to fill out the form below to be added to the waiting list for the next session.

Don’t see a Grace Marriage offered in your area? Please fill out the form below to be put on our waiting list and we’ll let you know as soon as a closer group is available.

For more information, contact Danny May in the Office of Marriage & Family Life.    

Feel free to watch the witness videos on the left to hear firsthand accounts from parishioners in the Diocese of Owensboro who have experienced Grace Marriage.

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