Marriage in Crisis

Following Pope Francis’ vision in Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love: One Love in the Family), marriage enrichment is a major component of the Office of Marriage & Family Life. Sometimes though, marriages hit a crisis point. These resources can help you and your spouse reconnect in a marriage of love.


The word Retrouvaille (pronounced re-tro-vi with a long i.) is a French word meaning rediscovery. The program offers tools needed to rediscover a loving marriage relationship. Thousands of couples headed for cold, unloving relationships or divorce have successfully overcome their marriage problems by attending the program.

We currently do not offer Retrouvaille Weekends in our Diocese, but we do regularly refer couples to weekends in Nashville and Louisville. The Office of Marriage & Family Life will happily pay for travel expenses for any of our couples to travel to Nashville or Louisville until we can build a team again.    Click below for a list of dates for Nashville weekends.

Restore | Catholic Marriage Resource

Restore is an online, self-led marriage resource that gives you and your spouse the opportunity and the tools necessary to heal and restore your relationship. Discover the tools and support you need to have a vibrant and fulfilling marriage. Learn More Here

Breakthrough” Course by Smart Loving ™

BreakThrough Online gives you 3 hours of training with world leaders in Catholic marriage education, Dr Byron & Francine Pirola

It’s easy to get discouraged by our disconnection. Arguments over petty incidents, too busy to romance each other, crowded with other responsibilities. We all go through these periods that we need a breakthrough in our relationship. Read more…


Catholic Charities collaborates with several counselors who offer their services at a reduced rate for parishioners of the Diocese of Owensboro through the Congregational Assistance Program (CAP). Catholic Charities and many parishes supplement this discounted rate for up to six counseling sessions. The counselor you choose should be informed of the parish you attend. CAP is structured to provide short-term, confidential counseling. To find a counselor to speak with, visit