Strategic Priority 3 – Accompany Families: Couples, Children and Young People


Review the reality of the Hispanic/Latino community in the Diocese of Owensboro on page 18 of the pastoral plan. How does it reflect the reality of the Hispanic/Latino community in the geographical boundaries of your parish? How is it different?


Review the quotes from the pastoral plan on pages 18-19.

Study these sections of the ecclesial documents to further study this topic:

  • Evangelii Gaudium
    • Some cultural challenges (61-67), challenges to inculturating the faith (68-70), other ecclesial challenges (102-109)
  • Amoris Laetitia[1] (The Joy of Love)
    • Some Pastoral Perspectives (Chapter 6: 199-258) – the family today, preparing couples for marriage, accompanying them in the first years, casting light on crises, worries and difficulties.
    • Towards a Better Education of Children (Chapter 7: 259-290).
  • There are many resources available on marriage and family life for the “Amoris Laetitia Family” Year
  • The Proceedings and Conclusions of the V National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry
    • Responding to the needs of families and the young (p. 62-63), Family Ministry (p. 76-77, p. 100-102), Hispanic Youth & Young Adult Ministry (p. 77-78, p. 85-86, 133-139), Vocations (p. 82, p. 149-152), Major Themes Emerging from the Consultation with youth and young adults (p. 174-179)
  • The Final Report of the National Dialogue on Catholic Pastoral Ministry with Youth and Young Adults[2]
    • Executive Summary (p. 17-24)
  • Resources for Catechetical Sunday 2017: Living as Missionary Disciples[3]
  • The Bishops of the USCCB are expected to approve a new National Pastoral Framework for Marriage and Family Life in June 2021[4]. It will include the themes of prayer and a relationship with Jesus, formation, accompaniment and advocacy. A resource guide and other ways to implement the pastoral framework based on Amoris Laetitia will accompany it.


Questions for Parish Leadership      

  • How could you encourage more couples to marry in the Church?
  • What is the marriage preparation process and how could it be improved?
  • Are there couples that could be invited to be formed as mentor couples?
  • Is there an NFP instructor in Spanish? If not, is there a couple who could be invited to be trained?
  • What are the current marriage enrichment opportunities? Should they be increased?
  • How are Hispanic families currently accompanied, especially in their homes or wherever they are? Do the parish events and programs take into account the whole family or is childcare provided if it is a program for adults?
  • When someone shows up looking for a sacrament or for a special celebration, do they feel welcomed and accompanied? How could the processes and hospitality be improved?
  • How are parents supported in instructing their children in the faith? Are there opportunities for faith formation for parents?
  • How do you accompany youth and young adults in the parish? Are there opportunities for them to get involved in the parish? How could outreach to them be improved? Are there people willing to be trained in youth ministry?
  • Is there a culture of vocations in your families and in your parish? (including lay ecclesial ministry, marriage and family, and committed single life) How could this culture be fostered?

[1] Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) on love in the family by Pope Francis, 2016.

[2] The report can be downloaded in English and Spanish here:


[4] You can check this page for updates