Container collection for the Mandeville diocese begins

The Diocese of Owensboro’s 2013 mission to the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica. FILE PHOTO


The Diocese of Owensboro and the Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica, have begun a collection of goods for a shipping container to provide needed items for education and healthcare for the children and needy adults in Jamaica. The collection runs through Sept. 21. At the request of the Diocese of Owensboro, the Mandeville diocese sent a list of needed supplies for their schools, boys’ home, healthcare providers and outreach work with the poor.

Parishes, schools, Vacation Bible Schools and other groups are asked to select an item or a collection of items and the number of each they can commit to for this project. They are asked to report their selections, including the number of items, to Deacon Richard Murphy, the coordinator for the collection, by phone or email. He can be reached by phone at 270-683-1545, and by email at Selections made will be logged and tracked to make sure that all items named have a chance to be filled.

From Aug. 1 to Sept. 21, all participating groups are asked to have the items collected and ready to ship to the collection point at 431 Breckenridge St., in Owensboro. All items collected should be boxed, labeled as to the contents, and have a numerical count on the box of the items enclosed. To make an appointment for delivery, please call Deacon Richard Murphy at either 270-683-1545 or his cell number at 270-315-7897.

The list of items, and the numbers requested can be found online by going to and then clicking on the PDF of the items requested and who has committed to providing those items. Please feel free to select from the items not yet requested. Parishes, schools, and interested groups are encouraged to pick up to three choices and name the amounts of each they propose to supply. They are then requested to contact Deacon Richard Murphy on or before Aug. 20, 2018 and let him know of their selections. If others have already filled an order, then it may be necessary for a group’s second or third choices to be targeted.

Thank you for your generosity to the needs of the Mandeville diocese.

Deacon Richard Murphy is the director of the Office of Social Concerns in the Diocese of Owensboro.

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