Outstanding Catholic School Educator of the Year

Attention parents and students of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Owensboro: has a teacher changed you or your child’s life for the better? If so, nominate this teacher for the Outstanding Catholic School Educator of the Year!

Anyone, with the exception of an immediate family member, may nominate an educator for the award.  All information concerning nominees will be kept confidential, including the name of the person submitting the nomination.

The educator must currently be employed in the Diocese of Owensboro and must have taught for a minimum of five years in the Diocesan Schools.

The Outstanding Catholic School Educator must be a role model as an outstanding human being; have a major influence in the lives of students; show concern with the faith development as well as the physical, mental and emotional development of students; and encourage students to improve their abilities and talents.

The deadline for nominations is July 1, 2023. A committee will serve as judges.  The winner will be announced at the 2022 Celebration of Catholic Schools event.

This award is sponsored by the diocesan Catholic Schools Office and the Principals Association.

If you would rather print out a PDF version of the nomination form, you can find it here.

Outstanding Catholic Educator of the Year

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