Youth Ministry Skillz Mini-Workshops


Small Group Formation with Paul Sifuentes 

During this formation, Paul introduces 5 areas of focus for doing effective small group ministry. 

Starting Out in Ministry “Casting and Sharing Vision and Mission for Youth Ministry” 

During this formation we take a look at how to form and cast a vision for your Youth Ministry, how to go about sharing and who to go about sharing this vision with, and take a look at some examples of ministry mission and vision statements.

Starting Out in Ministry “Safe Environment Policy and Training”

During this formation we take a look at the Diocese of Owensboro Safe Environment Policy and troubleshoot this policy through the lens of our Youth Ministry efforts.  We also discuss forms and how long each should be archived.  Finally we address the training of young people in the safe environment program.

Helping Young People Manage Coronavirus Mental Health Issues with Ethan Bennett 

During this formation we are joined by Ethan Bennett, a local catholic counselor, for a conversation on preparing to address mental health issues with our youth during and post this experience of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Necessary Risks of the New Evangelization with Doug Tooke 

During this formation we are joined by Doug Tooke to talk about the New Evangelization and the reality that as minister, this starts with our own personal experience of faith.

Family Ministry Basics with Doug Tooke

During this formation we are joined by Doug Tooke to talk about the basic work of ministering to and with families.  The focus of helping the parents have an active prayer relationship with God is a point of emphasis.

Living as Missionary Disciples Part 2 plus Starting a YM Vision and Mission 

During this formation, we tackle the second half of the Living as Missionary Disciples document and discuss setting a Youth Ministry Vision and Mission based on Rebuilding Youth Ministry by Christopher Wesley.

USCCB Living as Missionary Disciples Document Part 1 

During this formation, we tackle the first half of the Living as Missionary Disciples document from the USCCB for parish planning and guidance.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 14: Emotional Intelligence and how it makes us better leaders with Jason Winkle.  In this episode, Jason Winkle and I dive into a conversation of becoming more self-aware and emotionally intelligent.  These skills are proving to be incredibly important in leadership growth and working within parish teams.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 13: Volunteers- Recruiting, Equipping, and Celebrating with Michael Marchand of projectYM.  In this episode, Michael Marchand and I dive into a conversation about Volunteers in our ministry.  Michael offers tremendous insight into a better way to recruit and train volunteers for success in youth ministry and also takes time to break open some of the common mistakes we often make with volunteers.  This is a long, but very valuable episode.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 12: Mental Health, with our young people, but also with us as Ministers with Dr. Jill Sauerheber.  In this episode, Dr. Jill walks us through the mental health concerns and experiences our young people are facing and why they are particularly challenging.  She offers a tremendous amount of practical advice for us to serve these needs better and some precaution as to when its best to get others involved.  We also take time to reflect on the mental health needs and challenges of being a “helper.”  This piece of the conversation leans into better understanding our mental health needs as ministers and how to get the help and support we need.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 11: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Fundraising with Tom Lilly and Valeria Vessels.  In this episode, we get to know Tom and Valeria a little better and then take time to discuss things we should be doing and things we should avoid in fundraising.  This is a great conversation on the spirituality behind being generous and how we should never apologize for needing resources to fund the work we are doing for Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 10: Setting up and running Prayer Stations for Lent or other seasons with Crissy Stevenson

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 9: How to Start Discipleship Focused Small Groups with Matt Knight.  In this episode, we discuss the benefits and strategies of discipleship focused small groups for high school youth catechesis.  This was a continuation of the PCL/Youth Ministry session on reinserting catechesis into your youth ministry strategy.  Books that are referenced are the General Directory for Catechesis and “Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry” by Beckman and Gallagher.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 7: Why and How to Plan a Short-term Youth Mission Trip with Matthew Knight.  In this episode, we discuss the benefits and strategies of a short term mission experience.  We also take time to unpack how to plan and words of wisdom from folks who been there before

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 6: Starting a Youth Ministry from Scratch with Christina Best Barnard and Crissy Stevenson.  In this episode we explore strategies for starting a youth ministry in a parish setting.  Christina and Crissy have tons of experiences and a willingness to share.

Youth Ministry SkillZ Episode 5: Using Technology and Media in our Ministry with Drew Hardesty and TJ Stinnett from Wonderboy Media.  In this episode we explore the use of technology and media in our ministries and Drew and TJ walk us through some tips and equipment that might be useful in our ministry.

Youth Ministry Skillz Episode 4: Engaging Youth with Scripture featuring Doug Tooke, Director of Marketing for ODB film.  In this episode we explore the importance of connecting young people to sacred scripture and explore ways to make the bible come alive.  We also discuss Doug’s podcast, Renovo, and the resources offered by ODB films.

Youth Ministry Skillz Episode 3: Ministry as a Marathon and tools to stay healthy featuring Bill Staley, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Nashville.  In this episode, Bill helps us stay healthy in our ministry by providing tools for the long haul.

Youth Ministry Skillz Episode 2: Discernment, Vocations, and connecting with youth outside the Church setting with Father Carl Wertin, Vocations Director in the Diocese of Pueblo, CO.  In this episode, Father Carl examines ways to help young people pray, discern, and respond to the calling of God in their lives.  We also discuss connecting with youth outside the Church setting.

Youth Ministry Skillz Episode 1: How and Why to Process featuring Ben Warrell, Director at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp.  In our first episode, Ben explains how and why to process and reflect on the experiences to provide our young people.  Whether its team building, games, service, or prayer, there is always a point to take time to reflect and process the experience with the young people.