NCYC 2021 Announcement

From the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

This is a national conference provided by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. It boasts some of the best national speakers and music in the business. NCYC is every other year in November. Follow the link for information about date and location.

After much conversation and discernment with Bishop Medley and other diocesan leadership, we have decided not to try to lead a diocesan delegation to NCYC 2021 in Indianapolis, IN Nov. 18-20, 2021.  There are too many unknowns regarding guidelines for travel and lodging at this time for us to begin making financial commitments for charter buses and hotels. 

However, NCYC 2021 still plans to occur and there are still ways for young people at your parish to participate.  The NFCYM is committed to creating the safest space possible for the conference to occur and will be following guidelines for masking and distance.  The event will operate at 50% normal attendance meaning a maximum of 10,000 participants.  They cannot, however, help with guidelines for travel and lodging which will be up to each diocese.

In Person

Parishes, schools, or families can sign up individually.  This means buying your own tickets, setting up your own transportation, hotel rooms, etc. If going as a parish or school group you must follow the Diocese of Owensboro COVID 19 policies that are set in place when you leave.  At this time, there isn’t much guidance available for helping your group or school attend and navigate hotels and lodging.  It would appear easiest for participants to consider attending as a family where transportation and lodging become much simpler realities.  Robin and I are committed to help groups in any way that we can.  We encourage you to visit the NCYC 2021 page for more detailed information as it becomes available.

Tickets go on sale May 1st.  They are selling 10,000 tickets on a first come first serve basis.  Tickets are based on time of purchase and if the person purchasing tickets is a member of NFCYM the price is a little cheaper.  We would be happy to purchase tickets for you but we must have the money in hand before we can purchase them. NFCYM has stated there will be no refunds unless the state of Indiana or Indianapolis makes the decision to shut things down.  If the Diocese purchases tickets for you we cannot refund tickets either.  You may sell the tickets to someone else. 

Please see pricing below:

This year only, groups or families will be able to set up a hotel outside of the NCYC block without having any penalties.  It’s our understanding that most hotels around the convention center and airport are connected to the NCYC block, but outside of that there might be more availability.


NCYC is currently looking at offering a couple different virtual packages that will range from only main events to even including breakout options and packaged resources.  The price information for the virtual experience will detailed at a later time and we’ll share more as it becomes available.  There will be no free live stream at the event this year like in years past.

The Diocese of Owensboro will again be making plans to lead a delegation and travel for NCYC 2023 and to host our local ODYC 2022.  As mentioned earlier, Robin and I are committed to helping anyone within the diocese with plans for NCYC 2021.  Please feel free to reach out to Charlie Hardesty ( or Robin Tomes ( with any current questions or concerns.

Charlie Hardesty
Director of Youth and Young Adult