Billings Ovulation Method

Thanks to a partnership with the St. Augustine Institute, the Diocese of Owensboro is now offering FREE instruction in the Billings Method of NFP throughout 2021! This offer includes 5 sessions with one of our trained instructors and any Catholic married or engaged couple in our Diocese (where at least one spouse is a practicing Catholic) is eligible. Contact Martha Winn to begin today!  270-796-2972 or 270-791-9434.

This method of Natural Family Planning is one of the most widely used and practiced methods across the world.

Based on the scientific research of Drs. John and Evelyn Billings, this method is highly effective and easy to learn. It requires a woman to observe and chart her cervical mucus and vaginal sensation daily.

One-on-one instruction is provided for a fee of $100* which covers the materials and as many sessions as a couple needs to feel confident in their charting. It usually takes a minimum of two sessions for learning the basics. More advanced cases will require more sessions.

Martha Winn
Bowling Green
270-796-2972 | 270-791-9434

Jenny Rush

Roni Mudd
Leitchfield area

In Spanish (En Espanol)

Fabiola Campanur y Esteban Gembe

Mayra Tirado
270-498-6456 | 270-498-8559

Susana Bonilla
Bowling Green

* Scholarships are available for couples with financial difficulties to receive instruction in either method for free or at a reduced rate.