Former CREDO Course Credit

Translating former fifteen CREDO courses into the 3 dimensions

If you have completed one or more of the following courses, please use the following as a guide to document your current position in the certification process.

The three dimensions that require a set number of hours for Advanced certification are as follows:

  • Catechist- The Catechist dimension reflects the human and spiritual dimensions of the individual and includes spiritual growth opportunities such as retreats, personal growth training and well-being experiences and study on topics pertaining to spiritual growth. 18 hours in needed in this dimension.
  • Content- The Content dimension is the content of Catholic theology, teaching and belief. 24 hours are needed in this dimension.
  • Pastoral- The Pastoral dimension deals with people and relationships skills, time management and methods in caring for a specific audience. 18 hours in needed in this dimension.

Prior CREDO Courses                                                New Certification Documentation per course

Creed: We Believe                                                      2 hours in Content/2 hours Catechist             

Basic Church History                                                  4 hours in Content

Catechist as Minister                                                   2 hours in Catechist/2 hours in Pastoral         

Catholic Social Teaching                                            2 hours in Content/2 hours Catechist 

Ecclesiology                                                                4 hours in Content     

Getting Started as Catechist                                       2 hours in Catechist/2 hours in Pastoral         

Grade Specific Methodology                                     4 hours in Pastoral

Introduction to Scripture                                            4 hours in Content     

The Learner                                                                 4 hours in Pastoral      

The Mass                                                                     4 hours in Content                 

Morality                                                                      4 hours in Content

Overview of the Sacraments                                       4 hours in Content

Prayer                                                                          4 hours in Catechist                           

Theological Reflection                                                2 hours in Content/2 hours Catechist 

The Role of the Catechist                                           2 hours in Catechist/2 hours in Pastoral