Infertility Support

Below are resources to assist men and women through the challenges of infertility in a healthy, Catholic perspective.  

Springs in the Desert | Catholic Infertility Community   

Springs in the Desert accompanies those struggling with infertility by offering a place of respite and solidarity where they can know God’s love for them and discover His unique call to fruitfulness. Springs in the Desert forms our community with unique offerings for women, men and couples, meeting them wherever they are on the path of infertility. Through these encounters, we make space for deeper renewal in our relationships with ourselves, our spouses, and God. 

Our ministry also raises awareness about the experience and unique grief of infertility to pastors, diocesan offices, and healthcare professionals, helping them to understand the needs of a couple struggling with infertility, and providing tools and resources to help them minister more effectively to hurting couples.

How Springs in the Desert Walks with You

• Bimonthly Blog Publications
• Weekly Podcast Releases
• Monthly Newsletter Emails
• The Weekly Well Emails— Community Intercessory Prayer
Talk to a Team Member at any time
• In-Person & Virtual Events throughout the year

The Fruitful Hollow | Catholic Infertility Resource

The Fruitful Hollow is a Catholic resource and community for those who struggle with infertility. Here we hope you will feel heard, find understanding, dive into Church teachings and be inspired by stories of fruitfulness in the wait. We pray that this space will help you to pick up your cross and carry it wherever the Lord calls you. As we walk this journey together, may we grow in holiness, virtue and wisdom. Here at The Fruitful Hollow we publish weekly blog posts, create monthly resources, and host a mentorship ministry. 

The Forward Healing Project | Infertility Podcast

The Forward Healing Project is a ministry founded by Whitney Allen. The Forward Healing Project is a weekly podcast where we acknowledge the challenges and grief experienced with infertility and miscarriage. Through honest and real talk we will share stories, explore emotions and seek healing by reclaiming, redefining and renewing what it means to heal a hopeful heart.


Natural Womanhood Blog | Infertility Resources

Natural Womanhood provides resources and support for navigating the complicated factors that affect infertility. They answer common questions, and link out to further resources and articles for education.