Life-Giving Wounds

The effects of divorce are deep and long-lasting, no matter what age it happened to you. But the good news is, healing can happen. Life-Giving Wounds is a ministry specifically for adults whose parents are divorced or separated.

The Life-Giving Wounds Inaugural Retreat for the Diocese of Owensboro was hosted in conjunction with the Diocese of Evansville in August 2022. 

Life Giving Wounds 2023

The Diocese of Evansville and the Diocese of Owensboro are pleased to sponsor the second Life Giving Wounds retreat. This retreat will take place in August 2023. See details below and follow the link to register.

August 18th-20th, 2023
Start time: Aug 18th, 6:00pm
End time: Aug 20, 3:30pm
Location: Sarto Retreat Center, Evansville Indiana

Cost: $175 ($85 for college students)

Come for a greater understanding of the wound left by your parents’ divorce or separation, for advice concerning love and trust of others, and for an experience of Christ and community that will lead to greater self-understanding and healing.

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