Separated and Divorced Catholics



The St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation is an online ministry offering prayer, podcasts, and spiritual consultation for those affected by divorce. 

Statistics show that divorce affects most of all Catholic families in America. According to, “Twenty-three percent of adult Catholics are or have been divorced.  Of these divorced Catholics, 60% were married to another Catholic.”

Divorce inflicts pain on all those affected. However, those divorced or separated need to know that the Church cares about YOU.

Partnering with Rose Sweet to bring her Catholic Divorce Survival Guide (CDSG) to the Diocese of Owensboro, the Office of Marriage and Family Life has created a Separated and Divorced Ministry. 

Several parishes in the diocese are offering CDSG – a 12-week program showing mercy and compassion to those separated or divorced. It is a safe place to express hurts and receive healing, to ask the tough questions, and to receive support to help parents reach out to their children.

Find hope and feel God’s mercy by reaching out to the Office of Marriage and Family Life or a local parish offering CDSG at their church.

Annulment Advocates: Representing the Mercy of the Church from Diocese of Owensboro KY on Vimeo.