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Like a friend you’d known your whole life

Gasper River remembers ‘wonderful witness’ of camper Logan Davis
Logan Davis during Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp and Retreat Center’s Quest III Camp in 2015. COURTESY OF DEACON COREY BRUNS


Logan Davis’s faith journey received a life-changing boost after experiencing Eucharistic Adoration at Gasper River Catholic Youth Camp and Retreat Center, when he was but a middle schooler.

“The turning point for him was Adoration,” said Ben Warrell, director of the camp and retreat center. “I talked to him after Adoration (that evening), and he said he’d never felt closer to Jesus (than he did in that moment).”

Warrell believes it was then that Logan realized “we’re not made for this world: we’re made for something greater.”

Logan was a “good kid” before that experience, said Warrell, but after “that encounter with Christ… he never was the same.”

Logan had a “deep desire” to get to know Jesus more, said Warrell, who would see the young man at various other youth events throughout the years: “He took his faith seriously.”

He also took other people seriously.

“As soon as you met him, it was as if you had a friend you’d known your whole life,” said Warrell.

Warrell described the 6-foot-3 high school football player as a “warm, approachable, safe person,” whom other youth recognized that “he wasn’t going to judge you; he would love you for who you are.”

This was especially noticeable when Logan served for several summers as a high school camp counselor for the younger grades. Warrell said the kids would see him as “a massive guy, a football player, who thinks knowing and loving Jesus is cool.”

Warrell said that not just the campers, but also the camp staff, were impacted by Logan.

“His faith was first and foremost,” said Warrell. “What a wonderful witness.”

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Originally printed in the September 2020 issue of The Western Kentucky Catholic.

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